starting fresh

Nine (!) years ago I created my very first blog and started posting. It was about our journey to parenthood which was proving to be more difficult than expected. Blogging was an outlet and a space where I met some pretty amazing friends who were also on that same path.

Flash-forward and those babies we longed for are now seven (!) and five (!) year old boys. I started a second blog when our oldest was a baby – documenting his growth was a natural extension of that first infertility blog. Now, that first blog only exists in a sad, archived place on the internet, and the second is only touched as our boys reach a birthday milestone and I write them a letter.

I miss writing. I had no idea I was a writer until I wasn’t doing it much anymore. I haven’t had a space that felt natural to dump my thoughts into. I love transparency and real conversations and I’m hoping to have both here.

I have no idea where we’ll end up, but I’m thrilled to have a place to start. Welcome!


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