really, actually, five of us*

[photo by Tracy Wood Photography. I love her.]
*for now. (I’ll get to that part.)

We’re completely blown away by your love and excitement about this new little love we’re going to welcome to our family! Joey and I posted the photo and details yesterday while we were at lunch – he has one of those weird smart watch things that I don’t really understand. It buzzes every time he has a notification from his social media or emails or whatever. His watch was going BANANAS from all the love left on our facebook post. We very literally felt the love. ❤

The boys are telling their classmates today. They’ve known for a month or so and I’m so shocked they haven’t spilled the beans yet. Though, Jude did tell his teacher “we have a family secret but I can’t tell you what it is”, so I’m sure she thinks we’re in the CIA or something awesome.

Can I do a baby FAQ for you and answer some of your burning questions? Good. Because the reactions to our news have been priceless. Also, you’re along for the ride now and we’re a fairly open book so you might as well know what we’re willing to share, right?

Q: How far along are you?!
A: 13 weeks tomorrow (Thursday)! Baby is due April 27th but based on how long Brecken and Jude wanted to stick around as inside babies, this one will probably be a May babe. At 13 weeks, this kid is the size of a Meyer lemon or the length of a pea pod.

Q: How are you feeeeeeling?
A: Uhh, depending on the day: fine/good/great! I think I’m a tiny bit more nauseated than I was with the boys, but let’s be honest, that was SIX years and a million killed brain cells ago so I don’t really remember anything. I’m tired! I could sleep for dayssss. I’m hoping this second trimester energy burst they speak of is going to hit me soon because right now 8:30pm bedtimes are my favorite.

Q: Are you finding out if it’s a boy or girl?
A: We’re not! Sorry friends. Joey didn’t want to, and I kind of thought I did (I mean, we found out with both boys and I like a plan so it seemed like a decent idea), but I’m feeling pretty Lazy with this pregnancy and impending kid in my house. So, if I knew if it was a boy or a girl, I’d probably feel obligated to, I don’t know, buy some pink or blue stuff? I’m just going to stay in this state of unknowing and stock up on grays and greens. Plus, the surprise might be fun!

Q: I thought you were done! Why are you having another kid?
A: We sort of did too. I got rid of all of our baby stuff years ago. We started stocking up on a few things here and there once we completed foster classes last Spring, just in case the State dropped a baby on our doorstep. I always thought we’d have three kids, like back pre-kids, three seemed ideal. Something switched in my brain about halfway through Jude’s pregnancy. Joey agreed. Two seemed like a perfectly round number. Two boys seemed like we’d hit the lottery. Foster care opened us up to the reality of having more than two kids in our house and Joey and I realized that we maybe kind of wanted one more biological kiddo. Basically: we’re having another kid because we want to, because we have a bucket of love to give, and frankly because for some reason we’ve felt called to do it (and blessed with a healthy pregnancy so far).

Q: Were you surprised?
A: Ha, no. This was very, very planned and timed. We had to wait until after our family trip to Mexico because of the Zika virus. Also, babies don’t just fall out of the sky for us, there’s a certain chemical balance we have to create with meds so that my body is ready for pregnancy. You can read more about that here, on this ancient blog post I brought over from our old blog: busting a myth. This kid is on purpose and very wanted.

Q: Are you done with foster care?
A: Nope! We’ve had a few calls for placements since we became licensed late in the Spring, but we haven’t had a match yet. We’re still planning to take a (single) (one) foster kid in when the situation works out, and that could come at any point. We assume they’ll be younger than Jude and (for now) older than this baby. Our family could grow! We’ll have to see what happens.

Q: Are the boys excited?
A: They are now. They weren’t at first. Brecken told me “oh great Mom, now you can’t eat sugar or ride bicycles”. I don’t own a bicycle. They’re still calling it “mom’s baby” but they’re coming around to the idea. They’re 7 and 5 so the age gap will be significant (8 and almost 6 when baby is born). I’m not super worried about their attachment and pretty much counting on Brecken to raise this kid on his own. 😉

Q: Do you have names in mind?
A: Yeah, sort of. We have a top… 15? Nothing is really sticking yet.

I think that’s all for now! Everything is going well and we’re grateful for that. We’ll have another appointment in a month and I’ll check in then.



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