Jude is (currently) our littlest love – he’s almost five and a half. He can be crazy and loud, but he’s also pretty shy and reserved. Without fail though, he is hilarious. He’s smart and witty yet still so very FIVE. I saved a few of his recent conversations with us:

the terror
Brecken: “Dad, why don’t you make the p sound when you say pheasant?”
Joey: “Because the p is silent buddy.”
B: “Huh. Well that’s weird.”
Jo: “I guess. You should really ask your mom about this, she’s really good at spelling and grammar.”
Jude: “She’s also a really good terror.”
Jo: “A really good what?!”
Ju: “Terror!”
Jo: “Jude, what are you talking about?!”
Ju: “She tears the best pages from my coloring books, she’s a good tear-er.”
fear not, I told B that the p isn’t silent, it just mixes with the h to make an f-sound. whew.

[scene: Jude and I alone in the car]
Ju: “mom, do you hate mowing?”
Alison: “no I don’t hate it, it’s fine.”
Ju: “why don’t you ever do it then?”
A: “well because I’m doing other things and Dad really likes mowing”
Ju: “no he doesn’t”
A: “yes he does”
Ju: “no he doesn’t”
A: “ok, why are you asking me this?”
Ju: “because Daddy hates mowing and you should help him mow sometimes”
A: “noted.” O.o

[scene: Jude and I alone in the car]
A: “hey J, what should we name the baby?”
Ju: “Isaac”
A: “Hmm. ok. that’s a pretty specific name.”
Ju: “yeah I found it for us in the Bible
A: “oh, really. ok. Why Isaac?” (says Isaac like every midwestern person on the planet, I-zik)
Ju: “I-zack”
A: “I-zik”
Ju: “I-zack, mom”
A: “Ok, I-zack, why did you pick I-zack?”
Ju: “Because he was brave, mom”
A: “Correct, he was very brave. What do you know about I-zack?”
Ju: (audible sigh) “WELL. Abraham really really really wanted a kid, but God made him wait for a long time and then they had Isaac. Sarah is Isaac’s mommy. And then Abraham almost had to give Isaac back to God, but God sent an animal instead like a sheep or donkey or something. And that animal went to heaven instead. And then Abraham was Jesus’ great-great-great-great-great[this goes on for ~30 seconds] grandpa.”
A: O_O


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